Spares & Replacements

Whenever you train, it's essential you train safely. Make sure that your Gym Equipment is always safe and secure to use, by replacing any part that is starting to look worn, bent or damaged. Perfect for keeping your gear in mint condition, our selection of Spares and Replacements has everything you need to mend or upgrade your equipment. From bolts, screws and fixing packs, to brand-new spotter bars and everything in-between, you'll find exactly what you need right here. How ever you train, we have new parts which are all sold individually, so you don't have to go out and replace the whole piece of equipment. Take care of your Power Rack and Multi Gym Cable Systems with our selection of replacement cables. Easy to fit, replace old or damaged cables quickly so you can carry on lifting weights. We also have new remotes for your Vibration Plate, as well as smaller parts such as locking pins suitable for our M1 Weight Bench with Dip Station. Whatever you’re looking for, browse the range now and get exactly what you need right here.