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Mirafit: more than just fitness

At Mirafit, we know that fitness is about more than just working out.

Fitness is about building both physical and mental strength. It’s about having the freedom to do the things you want to do – both in and outside the gym. Fitness is about pushing your limits and finding reward, progression and clarity through training.

Ultimately, fitness is about having the power to define who you are.

Launched in 2014, Mirafit was born out of the belief that we all deserve the right to a healthy heart, a strong physique and a clear mind. We deserve to have gym equipment that’s high quality, built to last and also great value.

Our company is committed to providing that much-needed solution that’s been missing in the fitness industry.

Mirafit - About our products

Our products

We understand that fitness isn’t one-size fits all. In fact, we thrive on versatility and finding new ways to get the results you’re looking for.

We really believe in our equipment and for that reason, we love using it.

Throughout our website and social media channels, you can see us demonstrating our equipment in videos, photos, workouts and blogs.

And don’t just take it from us – our community of both personal trainers and fitness fanatics regularly share posts with us, showing them getting the most out of their Mirafit kit.

We want people to enjoy our products and get a kick out of being able to build their own garage gym for less than £700.

We design our products right down to the last detail and have them fully-tested to the highest standards.

Based in the UK, all of our products are dispatched from our warehouses in Norfolk.

Our knowledge

At Mirafit, our team of fitness experts love looking for new and interesting ways to work out.

We not only take care of the product design, but we also write, create and publish free online guides, workouts and features each week, to help you on your fitness journey.

We also understand how hard maintaining your fitness can be, how demanding it is, but also, how enjoyable it is.

We know that it isn’t about getting tied up in just looking good, and that it has real-world value that can be life-changing.

Our team

Our friendly customer services team is always happy to help with any queries you may have about your purchases with us. Email us on support@mirafit.co.uk or message us on Facebook @MirafitOfficial.


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